Huge thanks to Stephen Williams ( @scienteer ) for the inspiration for this feature!

Let’s use Slack’s Nebula VPN rig, nginx, k8s and some magic to enable local development from an EKS cluster!

Cut the cert:

Now let’s have some fun with code! In this part I’m using Python3 to automate the creation of our saved searches, visualizations and dashboards.

tl;dr: here’s the code to make this happen:

I’m intentionally leaving in debugging code here ( warts and all! ) in case someone needs to…

Yet another adventure in automation land

In this article we’re going to be using these tools:

  • AWS — EC2 + ASG and some other things
  • AWS EKS for our k8s provider
  • CloudFormation for managing secrets
  • Terraform for managing clusters
  • Python as our “glue” language, plus some jinja2 and boto stuff
  • Rancher as a sort of middleware…

These days writing software has become a complicated endeavor. When I first started in the operations field I used vim for almost everything I did, including php stuff ( way back in the day ). Now I use RubyMine and PyCharm to get things done.

We have wonderful tools to…

Configuration management and validation with the push model.

One thing I love about the Devops world is the general availability of such a wide range of tooling. This article isn’t for the novice user of either tool, I’ll leave the introductions for either tool to better minds than myself.

This document is more about describing and important workflow…

Taking a little break from the technical stuff to talk about something that is equally as important. In this article I’m going to talk about a specific soft skill that comes up in the world of IT, or really, any situation involving humans.

I’ve relayed information to a group of…


Building fun things at EDOS

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